Nutrilon ProExpert Line

Nutrilon ProExpert

Nutrilon ProExpert offers nutritional solutions to all difficulties typical for infancy.

The range of products Nutrilon ProExpert includes special milk formulas, porridges and breast milk additives:

  • Children with increased risk of allergies
  • Children with milk protein allergy
  • Children with minor digestive problems (spitting, colic, constipation, diarrhea)
  • Premature babies and babies with low birth weight

Why choose Nutrilon ProExpert?

  • Broadest portfolio for children with special nutritional needs
  • Own research center in the Netherlands, 40 years of research
  • Effects demonstrated in clinical trials
  • Inspired by the science of nutrition programming

Nutrilon ProExpert HA (H.A. – Hypoallergenic), 400/800g

Nutrilon HA is the right choice of infant formula if your baby is at a higher risk of allergy and you cannot, or are no longer breastfeeding. Your baby is at a higher risk of allergy if there is strong family history of allergies.
Nutrilon HA is suitable from birth onwards or after breastfeeding.

Important: This product should be given in combination with breastfeeding or from birth if you are not breastfeeding. It should not be used as a treatment for cow’s milk allergy. Please contact your doctor if you have any doubt.

In our e-shop we offer Nutrilon 1 HA, Nutrilon 2 HA and Nutrilon 3 HA separately or in advantage packages.

Nutrilon ProExpert AR (Anti-Regurgitation), 800g

Nutrilon AR for infants with Regurgitation is specially designed to reduce the incidence or severity of regurgitation in bottlefed babies who are prone to posset/regurgitate feed. Specially formulated to helps prevent and reduce regurtation.

Nutrilon AR for infants with Regurgitation contains a special agent which thickens in the baby’s stomach during digestion and prevents the occurrence of reflux. Nutrilon AR is suitable from birth.

Nhat Linh Tran

I received Nutrilon product from you last week, it took about 2 weeks for the package to Vietnam. This is the first time I order from Nutrilon store and I will be your customer next time. Great customer service!

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