NUTRILON 3 with Pronutra Vanilla Flavor 800g

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Nutrilon 3 Pronutra Vanilla Growing-up Milk Formula

  • For baby 13-24 months
  • Vanilla flavor
  • 800g
  • EAN: 4008976461180
  • 100% original and authentic
  • We ship worldwide via Czech Post, China is not a problem for us
  • Made in the Netherland (NL)

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27,50 €
tax incl.

  • 12+ months
  • Baby milks & Formulas
  • Nutrilon & Aptamil Pronutra

Data sheet

Net Weight800g
Shipping Weight1.165g
Age13-24 months
ProductsBaby milks & Formulas
Product LineNutrilon Pronutra
ProducerNV Nutricia Zoetermeer
Country of OriginNetherlands | Holland

More info

Nutrilon 3 Pronutra Vanilla Growing-up Milk Formula

Nutrilon 3 Pronutra Vanilla Toddler Milk

Continuation and toddler milk Nutrilon 3 Pronutra Vanilla support the successful development of your baby. Thanks to its unique composition contribute:

  • to healthy immunity due to vitamins A, C and D
  • the development of the brain through LCP fatty acids (omega-3 *)
  • mimics breast milk through a proprietary blend of prebiotics scGOS / lcFOS 9: 1

Nutrilon 3 Pronutra Vanilla supports immunity also in mixed food. Nutrilon 3 Pronutra Vanilla covers the increased needs of children from their completed 12th month. Nutrilon 3 Pronutra Vanilla has more energy and contains all of the important vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements.

Thanks to their composition with the clinically tested prebiotic fibre at the doubled amount, Nutrilon 3 Pronutra Vanilla baby milks strengthen health and the immunity system, and thus the children’s natural immunity, by intestinal microflora development. In addition, Nutrilon contains important vitamins and mineral substances (e.g. selenium and beta-carotene) for supporting immunity.

Every mother wants to protect her baby, and therefore she gives him or her only the best. Natural dissolvable fibre with the prebiotic properties plays an important role in breast milk; this fibre supports the baby’s natural immunity by intestinal microflora development. Now, Nutrilon also contains natural dissolvable fibre which strengthens your baby’s immunity from the inside.

Nhat Linh Tran

I received Nutrilon product from you last week, it took about 2 weeks for the package to Vietnam. This is the first time I order from Nutrilon store and I will be your customer next time. Great customer service!

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