4x MILUPA 2 Milumil Folgemilch 800g

New product

Milupa 2 Milumil 4x800g

  • 100% original & authentic German product
  • German label for Germans
  • 4x800g
  • We ship worldwide via Czech Post, China, Vietnam is not problem for us
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • EAN: 4008976218739         

84,90 €
tax incl.

  • 6+ months
  • Baby milks & Formulas

Data sheet

Net Weight3.200 (4x800g)
Shipping Weight4.500g
Age7+ months
ProductsBaby milks & Formulas
Product LineMilupa Milumil
ProducerMilupa Nutricia GmbH
Country of OriginGermany


Nhat Linh Tran

I received Nutrilon product from you last week, it took about 2 weeks for the package to Vietnam. This is the first time I order from Nutrilon store and I will be your customer next time. Great customer service!

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