NUTRILON 2 Pronutra Good Night 800g

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Nutrilon 2 Good Night Follow-on Milk Powder with Pronutra 800g

  • For baby 7-12 months
  • For Good and Calm Nights
  • For hungrier baby
  • Specially formulated for babies who are frequently hungry and for whom Nutrilon pronutra infant formulas are not enough
  • 800g
  • EAN: 8590340145346
  • 100% original and authentic European product
  • We ship worldwide via Czech Post, China is not a problem for us
  • Made in the Netherland (NL)

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27,50 €
tax incl.

  • 6+ months
  • Good Night Milk Formulas
  • Nutrilon & Aptamil Pronutra

Data sheet

Net Weight800g
Shipping Weight1.165g
Age7-12 months
ProductsGood Night Milk Formula
Product LineNutrilon Pronutra
ProducerNV Nutricia Zoetermeer
Country of OriginNetherlands | Holland

More info

Nutrilon 2 Pronutra Good Night Follow-on Milk Formula

Nutrilon 2 Pronutra Good Night is continuation baby milk which fills your baby over night if breast-feeding is not possible.

Nutrilon 2 Pronutra Good Night relieves from feeling of hunger and in addition demonstrably stimulates the child’s immune system. Because it contains Immunofortis – patented mixture of special nutrients similar to those in breast milk. We recommend to serve it as the last dose of food before putting the baby to sleep.

Thanks to the increase fillingness of Nutrilon Pronutra Good Night, your baby will be calmer at night. During the day you can then dose common baby milk, e.g. Nutrilon 2

Nutrilon Good Night 2 with Pronutra is specially developed to feed your baby before bedtime and provides the key nutrients needed to support your baby’s development from 6 months. This bottle replaces the evening bottle of Nutrilon 2. Compare to Nutrilon 2 it contains the same amount of calories, but it contains a small quantity of starch and rice flour and it has a special protein ratio. Nutrilon Good Night 2 with Pronutra contains a patented mix of prebiotic fibers GOS: lcFOS, vitamins A, C and D for normal bone development and contains iron to support normal cognitive development. Furthermore it contains omega-fatty acids DHA and AA. These fatty acids support the development of your baby’s brain. From 10 months your baby may switch to Nutrilon 3.


  • Contains soya
  • Gluten-free
  • No pork meat
  • Contains fish
  • Contains cow’s milk and lactose

It’s recommended that all formula milks are used on the advice of your doctor, midwife, health visitor, public health nurse, dietician, pharmacist or other professional responsible for maternal and child care, based on your baby’s individual needs.

Preparation and storage

  • Because powdered milks are not sterile, failure to follow instructions may make your baby ill.
  • For hygiene reasons, do not store made-up feeds. Make up each feed as required and always discard unfinished feeds after 1 hour.
  • Do not heat in a microwave. Hot spots may occur and cause scalding.
  • Storage, use powder within 4 weeks of opening and store in a cool dry place, do not refrigerate.


  1. Wash hands and sterilise all utensils according to manufacturers’ instructions.
  2. Boil freshly run water. Leave to cool for 30 minutes. Do not use artificially softened or repeatedly boiled water.
  3. Measure the required amount of water (refer to feeding guide) into a sterilised bottle. Do not add powder to boiling water due to risk of scalding.
  4. Using the scoop provided, level off the powder with the built-in leveller. Do not press/heap the powder.
  5. Add one scoop to every 30ml (1 fl oz) of boiled cooled water. Add the correct number of scoops to the water. Adding too many or too few scoops can be harmful.
  6. Replace seal on bottle. Shake well (for 10 seconds) to dissolve powder. Remove seal, replace with a sterilised teat.
  7. Check temperature of feed. Feed immediately.


Nhat Linh Tran

I received Nutrilon product from you last week, it took about 2 weeks for the package to Vietnam. This is the first time I order from Nutrilon store and I will be your customer next time. Great customer service!

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